Turn each month into oktober by using a new wheat beer recipe

If you are an absolute beer fan that loves to drink different variants of beer then you can now turn each month into oktober by using a new wheat beer recipe. You can make your own beer at home just like you might have made homemade wine and can also create delicious new variants by allowing your beer to flow into innovative beer recipes.

Wheat has been used to produce beer since centuries although other key ingredients such as barley need to be added to make up for lack of vital enzymes and nutrients in plain wheat. You will need to mix wheat with water before boiling the mixture. You will then need to add barley or other high starch ingredients to the mash before the mixture is ready for the fermentation process. You will need to add sugar to you mash since yeast needs to ferment natural and added sugars present in the mash into ethanol with varying strength levels depending upon the sugar content in the mash and the type of yeast used for fermentation.

For example, fortified yeast such as turbo yeast can ferment even weak mashes to produce high-strength ethanol with strength levels as high as 18 percent and that too even when the mash temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius. Similarly, this hardy yeast can also be used to produce strong homemade wine that can truly turn your wine making venture into a smooth and pleasurable one. Continuing your beer making venture, you will also need to add hops to your beer mash to provide the desired flavor. The fermentation process will usually take around 15 days after which you will need to filter and bottle your beer before you can happily consume it with close friends.

Once you have mastered the art of making beer at home then you can now experiment with a different wheat beer recipe so as to retain the flames of passion for making and consuming delicious beer right at home. You can vary the quantity of wheat malt and barley malt to come up with new creations with each batch of beer. In addition, using different variants of beer yeast can help extract different flavors from your beer that will provide a distinct character to your end product. By changing the type of malt, hops, and yeast you can certainly change the very nature of your beer.

In addition to creating beer with distinct taste, aroma, and character, you can also add beer to several dishes that you might love to cook such as chicken, clams, stew, cakes, and even bread to create unique dishes that can then be enjoyed with, what else, but delicious beer. You can let your imagination run wild as you infuse beer with several other drinks as well as foods to come up with an entirely new creation that will certainly turn into a talking point once your guests take a sip or bite into a piece of your beer recipe.

You can certainly make beer right at home even if you require a few trial runs before you get it right. Once you are able to make traditional beer then you can expand your culinary horizons by adding beer in several dishes as well as other drinks to turn them into gourmet creations. You can truly have a festive time when you turn each month into oktober by using a new wheat beer recipe to come up with imaginative new dishes and drinks.